Dmitry Ermakov, born 1978 in Moscow, Russia. Lives in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Dmitry was educated as an aviation engineer in MATI, Moscow. Got a diploma on writing translation from English into Russian in MGLU, Moscow.

Worked as a writing journalist in 2004−2013, then moved into visual journalism. Worked as  photo/video reporter in 2013−16 .

Graduated from Fotografika academy in St. Petersburg in 2018.

In his stories, Dmitry works with cultural codes of people and communities, exploring the themes of ancient and modern myths. He also deals with philosophies which respect nature and humanism, with science researches on darwinism and the ways of human/world evolution. Dmitry combines documental stories with an art form, paying great attention to color. He’s visually inspired by Japanese art and documentary photo, by some modern and 1970’s cinema works.

'I always search for a connection between people, the environment (place) of their dwelling, and Nature. It’s used to say that people are the same everywhere; but this is not entirely true, since there are cultural and social codes, the traditions and the experience of generations that can differ not only between continents and parts of the world, but also within the borders of one country. If one takes all these codes that connect people with their family, home, and surrounding territory, and then connects them together, this may make the world a better place'.

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Eastreet 4 (finalist)

Down By The River (shortlist)

Group exhibitions


Environmenta (Rome, Italy)

Motion (Budapest, Hungary)


Memory Card (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Borders (St. Petersburg, Russia)


Eastreet 4 (Lublin, Poland and then worldwide)

Down By The River (Iserlohn, Germany)


Actual Udmurtia (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)


Actual Udmurtia (Moscow, Russia)

Selected publications

Roads and Kingdoms, BBC Russia, Venjaseura, Dodho, Russia Beyond, Regnum, Snob, Kommersant,, National Accent, National Geographic Russia.