White Spot (2023 –)

There are cities and even regional centers in the central part of Russia that are not favored by the attention of the media and mass tourists.  

Lipetsk, Tambov, Yelets seem to be historical cities, but it seems like their chronicle history has stopped: as an informational case, a white spot on the map.  They don’t talk about these places in travel blogs and in the news — except for incidents. 

There are also few pictures on the websites of news agencies, and most of them about architecture or the visit of some politician.

 But there are no white spots on the map. Moreover, in places with a considerable part of the population. There are many people living there with their dreams, plans, lifestyle, and a unique local vibe. 

I travel the from Moscow to Syzran taling pictures that will form the basis of future projects. In the pictures: Tula, Yelets, Lipetsk, Gryazi, Tambov, Syzran.