No Former Homeland (2021-2022)

There are hundreds, possibly thousands of students from Afghanistan at Moscow universities. They came to Russia from a country ruled by a weak but, more or less, democratic government. However, in 2021, radicals from the Taliban* seized power. Jobs disappeared in Afghanistan, borders closed. For cooperation with the former authorities, one may threaten death.

The students had nowhere to go back to. But not everyone is ready to integrate into Russian society either.

Those who graduate are under threat of deportation if they don’t find work which is practically impossible to non-Russian citizens.

For girls, the situation is especially difficult and dangerous. The Taliban prohibit women from studying. After return, they may face punishment or death.

Students combine study and work, it’s hard due to lack of free time. They have to live on $150-200 monthly. Neither Russia nor Afghanistan provide them with financial support.

 Only Russia can help Afghan students on Moscow, giving refugee status. But such decisions are rarely made there. The situation must change to save many lives and help improve human rights in Central Asia.

 *The organization is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation