(in progress)

In the middle age, it was believed that the Russian river Volga flows into the Kama and this main river was called the Ithil. (Nowadays politicains tell that Kama flows into Volga). Ithil was a water bridge between the Viking lands to Persia and a mystical border between two mentalities. On the maps of medieval Arab geographers, it was flowing to the center of the world. Great cities of ancient civilizations stood on its banks, arose long time before Moscow was built. The word Ithil was also used by the famous fairy teller John Tolkien in his ‘Lord of the Rings’. But what physically remains of great age? Practically nothing. However, there’s undying energy, which academician Vernadsky called the Noosphere, a special ‘magic of a place’. I believe this magic is saved by the people.