Healing place

The Udmurtian Republic in Russia is one of the last points on the European map where people live in a pagan way. Many Udmurts still go to folk healers, often preferring their methods to academic medicine.

Although many residents officially call themselves Christians, the root religion is still there. The neighbors still regard the Udmurts sorcerers and believe that they practice black magic sometimes. To the uninitiated, a kind of voodoo may appear. But if these people have been living hand in hand with nature for many centuries, perhaps they know the secrets?

The historical events and battles of the past rattled somewhere apart. Izhevsk, the only big city in Udmurtia, was a closed space during the Soviet era due to defense enterprises. Udmurts are mostly introverted in character, with their hearts attached to their land and forest. Such a perception, along with the aforementioned ‘isolation’, helped them preserve ancient traditions.

Therefore, the scale of folk healing in Udmurtia is large. It’s difficult to count by numbers however, since the sphere’s slightly backstreet. Healers who aren’t widely known help mainly relatives and acquaintances, but some people are visited even by patients from Moscow. One must take into account the low standard of living and level of trust in official medicine in Udmurtia.